Komputer Tamiri
1. Professional repair of TV, Noutbuk, Netbuk, Tablet main boards
2. Replacing the sliq screens of TV, Noutbuk, Netbuk, Tablet, Phones
3. Replacing the video cards of the noutbuks
4. North bridge and Sough Bridge replacement of the main plates
5. Repair of noutbucks in contact with water
6. PCH replacement
7. Replacing USB ports
8. Deleting BIOS passwords
9. Prophylactic of Noutbuk and Netbukks (cleaning from dust, renewing thermo compounds, lubricating coolers
10. Removal of Qisaqapanma
11. Changing DC JACK
12. Strengthening Noutbucks (UPGRADE)
13. Replacing Noutbuk Processors
14. Changing the Noutbuk claviatura
15. HDD and SSD replacement
16. Writing the Windows 10 operating system (FORMAT)
17. Prophylactic cleaning of noutbuk
18. Changing and repairing the siniq corpus of noutbuk
19. Replacing Noutbukun's siniq pads
20. CPU FAN replacement
21. GPU FAN replacement
22. M2 SATA replacement
23. M2 NVME replacement


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