There are 2 types of personal computers in the world. BrandName is a company whose manufacturer collects computer spare parts. Dell, HP, Acer, Sony, Lenovo and others.

NoName computers of unknown manufacturer. Both computers consist of MB, CPU, HDD, RAM, VGA manufactured by the world's leading companies. What distinguishes them is the place where the computer is manufactured. Brand Name - computers are assembled on specially assembled conveyors by specially trained employees in accordance with the relevant standards. No Name - is collected by people who do not know the level of training or are learning a new computer without following any rules in unknown circumstances. Therefore, NoNam computers have a shorter warranty period and a higher percentage of damage than BrandName.

If you are thinking of buying a new computer, pay attention to where you will buy it. The best thing is to buy and assemble computer parts with someone you know and trust. Then you will know for yourself whether those parts are new and under what conditions they are assembled.

In our experience, most computers are powered by AC POWER SUPPLY. The best thing to do when buying a CASE is to give up the power supply on top and buy a power supply from a known manufacturer that is not less than the actual 400W. We can recommend you equipment from well-known companies such as TermalTake, OCZ, Zalman, Corsair.


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