In the service center of Innova LLC, UPSs of the world's leading companies repair with high professionalism. We have extensive experience in repairing the best-selling APC, Triplite, Mercury, ARTonic, Emerson, EATON, Socomec, Siemens and other UPSs in the Azerbaijani market. Innova Service Center repairs both 1-phase Backup and Smart UPSs and provides services to 3-phase UPSs in the corporate segment

Innova Service Center replaces UPS batteries with high quality batteries. The service center guarantees the replacement of batteries from VARTA, EXIDE, PKCELL manufacturers.

Service for UPSs
1. Repair of UPS Inverter Boards

2. Repair of UPS Controller Boards

3. Re-winding of transformers of 3-phase UPS

4. Prophylactic cleaning of UPSs

5. Upgrading the batteries of UPSs

5. Replacement of UPS Capacitors that have been operating for a long time

UPS Temiri


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