1. Formatting the computer, reinstall the operating system - 30AZN
2. Broken screen replacement - 20AZN
3. VGA replacement - 50AZN
4. North bridge replacement - 50AZN
5. South bridge replacement - 50AZN
6. Changing PCH - 50AZN
7. Prophylactic cleaning of the computer. Cleaning the VGA and CPU with a new thermal grease - 20AZN
8. Prophylactic cleaning of laptop from dust, Repleace VGA, CPU, CPU termal grease and GDDR thermal pads - 25AZN
9. Prophylactic cleaning of video cards from dust, cleaning with new GPU and GDDR-in thermo pads - 20AZN
10. Replacing USB ports- 20AZN
11. BIOS passwords cleaning - 30AZN
12. Short Circuite repair - 50AZN
13. Replacing the adapter input (DC JACK) of the laptop - 30AZN
14. Changing the cable of the laptop AC adapter - 20AZN


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