Innova LLC has been operating since 2008. Our company operates in the information technology market of Azerbaijan under the auspices of the sexes, who are the authors of many important projects that have been working for many years. Our most important task is to be completely satisfied with the service we provide to our customers. Innova LLC provides the following services to our customers.
  • Professional repair and prevention of computers, laptops, netbooks
  • Repair of all types of household appliances (LCD, LED, Plasma, Projection TV, Camera, Projector, etc.)
  • Repair and maintenance of printers, refilling of color and black laser cartridges
  • Repair of slot machines ARCADE (SEGA, ATARI, Universal Space and others)
  • Repair of electronic, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic devices, conveyors of factories and plants.
  • Installation, adjustment and service of factory and factory machines
  • Repair of medical equipment (dentistry, USM, Doppler, surgical sterilizers, etc.)

The engineering staff working in our company has been specializing in the repair of electronics and printers for many years.
Innova LLC has gained many regular customers since its inception. The following can be listed.
Nikoyl IKB, Parabank ASC, BTB Bank, MuDjan Bank, Chamber of Accounts, State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Bismak, ANT Insaat, Smart Systems, Altun-Kitab, NeuroSpine Clinic, Proxy Travel, Micron, Azal Sigorta, Qarant Sigorta. Tom & Jerry, Magic Land, Olympic Star, Public TV and others.
Innova LLC has been cooperating with several leading companies of the world for a short period of time. Innova LLC received the status of a distributor of XELTEK, the world's first manufacturer of electronic programmers, in Azerbaijan, Georgia and other Turkish-speaking countries.
Innova LLC is a distributor in Azerbaijan of KEMEYA company, which produces spare parts for printers and cartridges, black and color toner.


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